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Why is indoor air quality important?

The quality of the air inside your home is often much worse than the air outside your home.  Lack of circulation, ways for dust to escape and / or be purified , and stagnant air all contribute to the problem.  Luckily there are many products available in a variety of price ranges that can increase the quality of your indoor air.  Some of these can kill germs, reduce dust, increase circulation, ease breathing, and provide a variety of other solutions.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions:

Upgraded Filters -

      Standard furnace filters are designed to remove enough dust to protect the furnace from damage.  There are many filters with higher filtration (MERV) ratings that can help the filter remove even more dust to also protect you.  Some of these filters could be 2, 4, or even 5 inch thick filters with special easy access cabinets.  This is the least expensive, but also the least dramatic way, to improve your air quality.

Ultaviolet Lights –

     Ultra violet lights are meant to kill germs and viruses.  By circulating the air in your home with the furnace fan, you can cycle your air through a UV light installed in the duct work.  This help you prevent colds and sicknesses, and also keeps things from building up inside your duct work.  This is a somewhat lower priced option but is often used in conjunction with an upgraded filter.  The effectiveness is moderately noticeable.

Air scrubber –

     This device is built to kill germs, clump up dust (to get it out of the air), and remove odors.  It is one of the most effective all around solutions for indoor air quality. It is sometimes used with an upgraded filter to help pick up the dust in the air that has clumped to a more manageable size.  This is a great product for preventing colds and helping with allergies.  It is highly effective but also on the higher end of the price spectrum for air quality solutions.

Humidifiers –

     A humidifier can be used with any of the above solutions.  By controlling the humidity in your home you can often feel warmer with a lower temperature with saves you money. Proper humidity also keep dry skin at bay and helps your nasal cavities to prevent headaches and prevent getting sick.  Humidifiers also reduce static electricity in the home which can protect your appliances.  Humidifier are typically a mid priced solution with an extremely noticeable effect.

Which is best for you?

     As you can see there are a few different air quality solutions available.  There are also many different brands available for each.  When looking to improve you air quality with one of these products, the choices can quickly become overwhelming.  That is why Bill’s Heating and Air Conditioning has experts available to help you find the right product for your home, comfort needs, and budget.  Appointments to have an estimator meet with you on site are completely free and we can visit anywhere in the greater Spokane or Coeur d' Alene area.  No matter what solution you choose to go with, we have the top brands available at the guaranteed lowest prices to get you what you need to keep comfortable and healthy this year.

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